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Disclaimer: Some files may not be available digitally. Information updates nightly and data inaccuracies may exist.

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Available Reports

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All DoR Sites- Sites that are or have been under the supervision of any program in Division of Remediation including VOAP, DCERP, SRP, etc. This page also allows you to choose additional program specific site reports using the "Primary Report" dropdown.

Drycleaner Sites- Sites that have or are voluntarily participating in cleanup under the Division of Remediation's Drycleaner Environmental Response Program (Rule 0400-15-03).

State Promulgated List- Inactive hazardous substance sites that are promulgated under the Hazardous Substance Remedial Action rule (Rule 0400-15-01).

VOAP Sites- Sites that have or are voluntarily participating in the Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program (T.C.A.68-212-224).

Sites with Controls (IC/ECs) - DoR sites that have an institutional or engineering control in place as part of the site response.