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Rare Species by County
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CountyTypeCategoryScientific NameCommon NameGlobal RankState RankFed. StatusState StatusHabitatWet Habitat Flag
AndersonVertebrate AnimalBirdVermivora chrysopteraGolden-winged WarblerG4S3B--TEarly successional habitats in foothill regions of Appalachians.Upland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscPleurobema plenumRough PigtoeG1S1LE, XNEMedium to large rivers in sand, gravel, and cobble substrates of shoals; Tennessee & Cumberland river systems.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscPlethobasus cooperianusOrangefoot PimplebackG1S1LE, XNELarge rivers in sand-gravel-cobble substrates in riffles and shoals in deep flowing water; Cumberland & Tennessee river systems.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscPlethobasus cicatricosusWhite WartybackG1S1LE, XNEPresumed to inhabit shoals and riffles in large rivers; Tennessee & Cumberland river systems. Very rare & poss extirpated in TN.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantPlatanthera flava var. herbiolaTubercled Rein-orchidG4?T4QS2--TSwamps And FloodplainsPossible
AndersonVertebrate AnimalReptilePituophis melanoleucus melanoleucusNorthern PinesnakeG4T4S3--TWell-drained sandy soils in pine/pine-oak woods; dry mountain ridges; E portions of west TN, E to lower elev of the Appalachians.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalPerimyotis subflavusTri-colored batG3G4S2S3--TGenerally associated with forested landscapes but may roost near openings.No Data
AndersonVertebrate AnimalFishPercina aurantiacaTangerine DarterG4S3--DLarge-moderate size headwater tribs to Tennessee River, in clear, fairly deep, rocky pools, usually below riffles.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantParnassia grandifoliaLarge-leaved Grass-of-parnassusG3S3--SCalcareous SeepsPossible
AndersonNonvascular PlantNon-Vascular PlantPalamocladium leskeoidesA MossG3G5S1--TSeepy Limestone Cliffs And BluffsPossible
AndersonVertebrate AnimalReptileOphisaurus attenuatus longicaudusEastern Slender Glass LizardG5T5S3--DDry upland areas including brushy, cut-over woodlands and grassy fields; nearly statewide but obscure; fossorial.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalFishNoturus flavipinnisYellowfin MadtomG1S1LT,XNTMedium size to large creeks and small rivers that are unpolluted & relatively unsilted; upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalArachnidNesticus payneiA Cave SpiderG3G4S3--Rare, Not State ListedTerrestrial cave associate; also may be found on surface; northern Ridge & Valley.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalNeotoma magisterAllegheny WoodratG3G4S3--DOutcrops, cliffs, talus slopes, crevices, sinkholes, caves & karst.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalMyotis lucifugusLittle Brown MyotisG3G4S3--TOften uses human-made structures for resting and maternity sites; they also use caves and hollow trees. Typically feed over water.No Data
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalMyotis grisescensGray MyotisG3G4S2LEECave obligate year-round; frequents forested areas; migratory.Upland
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantMeehania cordataHeartleaf MeehaniaG5S2--TWooded Mountain SlopesUpland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscFusconaia cuneolusFinerayed PigtoeG1S1LE, XNERiffles of fords and shoals of mod gradient streams in firm cobble and gravel substrates; middle & upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscFusconaia corShiny PigtoeG1S1LE, XNEShoals and riffles of small-medium sized rivers with mod-fast current over sand-cobble substrates; upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantFothergilla majorMountain Witch-alderG3S2--TRocky Slopes And River BanksPossible
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscAthearnia anthonyiAnthony's RiversnailG1S1LE,XNELarger rivers and downstream stretches of lg creeks, on cobble/boulder substrates adj. riffles; portions of upper TN River basin.Aquatic
AndersonVertebrate AnimalAmphibianAneides aeneusGreen SalamanderG3G4S3S4--Rare, Not State ListedDamp crevices in shaded rock outcrops and ledges; beneath loose bark and cracks of trees and sometimes in/or under logs.Upland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalCrustaceanAmerigoniscus nicholasiA Cave Obligate IsopodG1G2S1S2--Rare, Not State ListedTerrestrial cave obligate; known from two caves; Western Highland Rim and Ridge & Valley.Upland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscDromus dromasDromedary PearlymusselG1S1LE, XNEMedium-large rivers with riffles and shoals w/ relatively firm rubble, gravel, and stable substrates; Tennessee & Cumberland systems.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantDraba ramosissimaBranching Whitlow-grassG4S2--SCalcareous BluffsUpland
  • 1 - 25 of 4,380