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Rare Species by County
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CountyTypeCategoryScientific NameCommon NameGlobal RankState RankFed. StatusState StatusHabitatWet Habitat Flag
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalArachnidHesperochernes mirabilisSoutheastern Cave PseudoscorpionG5S3--Rare, Not State ListedTerrestrial cave obligate; woodrat debris in caves; middle Tennessee.Upland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscCyprogenia stegariaFanshellG1S1LE, XNEMedium to large streams and rivers with coarse sand and gravel substrates; Cumberland and Tennessee river systems.Aquatic
AndersonVertebrate AnimalBirdLimnothlypis swainsoniiSwainson's WarblerG4S3--DMature, rich, damp, deciduous floodplain and swamp forests.Possible
AndersonVertebrate AnimalReptileOphisaurus attenuatus longicaudusEastern Slender Glass LizardG5T5S3--DDry upland areas including brushy, cut-over woodlands and grassy fields; nearly statewide but obscure; fossorial.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalBirdVermivora chrysopteraGolden-winged WarblerG4S3B--TEarly successional habitats in foothill regions of Appalachians.Upland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscDromus dromasDromedary PearlymusselG1S1LE, XNEMedium-large rivers with riffles and shoals w/ relatively firm rubble, gravel, and stable substrates; Tennessee & Cumberland systems.Aquatic
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalSynaptomys cooperiSouthern Bog LemmingG5S4--DMarshy meadows, wet balds, & rich upland forests.Possible
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscIo fluvialisSpiny RiversnailG1G2S2--Rare, Not State ListedShallow waters of shoals that are rapid to moderate and well-oxygenated; Tennessee River & main tributaries; E Tennessee.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantIris fulvaCopper IrisG5S2--TBottomlandsPossible
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantParnassia grandifoliaLarge-leaved Grass-of-parnassusG3S3--SCalcareous SeepsPossible
AndersonVertebrate AnimalAmphibianCryptobranchus alleganiensisHellbenderG3S3No StatusERocky, clear creeks and rivers with large shelter rocks.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalInsectPseudanophthalmus payneiPayne's Cave BeetleG1S1--Rare, Not State ListedTerrestrial cave obligate; northern Ridge & Valley; reported from Anderson County.Upland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalFishNoturus flavipinnisYellowfin MadtomG1S1LT,XNTMedium size to large creeks and small rivers that are unpolluted & relatively unsilted; upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantFothergilla majorMountain Witch-alderG3S2--TRocky Slopes And River BanksPossible
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscFusconaia corShiny PigtoeG1S1LE, XNEShoals and riffles of small-medium sized rivers with mod-fast current over sand-cobble substrates; upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonVertebrate AnimalFishErimystax cahniSlender ChubG1S1LT, XNTMajor headwater tribs to TN River with small gravel substrates & swift-moderate currents.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalCrustaceanCambarus deweesaeValley Flame CrayfishG4S1--EPrimary burrower; open areas with high water tables; northern Ridge & Valley.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscLampsilis virescensAlabama LampmusselG1S1LEEFound in sand and gravel substrates in shoal areas of small-medium size rivers; middle and upper TN R system; recently rediscovered in Emory River.Aquatic
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscAthearnia anthonyiAnthony RiversnailG1S1LE,XNELarger rivers and downstream stretches of lg creeks, on cobble/boulder substrates adj. riffles; portions of upper TN River basin.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantOligoneuron albumPrairie GoldenrodG5S1S2--EBarrensUpland
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantAureolaria patulaSpreading False-foxgloveG3S3--SOak Woods And EdgesUpland
AndersonInvertebrate AnimalMolluscFusconaia cuneolusFinerayed PigtoeG1S1LE, XNERiffles of fords and shoals of mod gradient streams in firm cobble and gravel substrates; middle & upper Tennessee River watershed.Aquatic
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantMeehania cordataHeartleaf MeehaniaG5S2--TWooded Mountain SlopesUpland
AndersonVertebrate AnimalMammalNeotoma magisterAllegheny WoodratG3G4S3--DOutcrops, cliffs, talus slopes, crevices, sinkholes, caves & karst.Upland
AndersonVascular PlantFlowering PlantPanax quinquefoliusAmerican GinsengG3G4S3S4--S-CERich WoodsPossible
  • 1 - 25 of 4,427