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     Tennessee Division of Water Resources (DWR)

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Oil and Gas Data
This minimal permit information is intended to allow the public to easily track the number and locations of oil and gas well permits issued across the state. For more detailed information about a specific well, you can contact the Oil and Gas program staff at 615-687-7109 . Permit files can be accessed by visiting the Oil and Gas Section at the Nashville Environmental Field Office, located at 711 R.S. Gass Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37243.
This information is updated only on a monthly basis, so the reader should be aware that there may be wells permitted in the previous month that do not yet show up on this list.
Oil and Gas Wells - Permits
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CountyEFO NamePermit DateDescendingPermit NoAPI NoOperator NameWell Name and NumberLatitudeLongitudeElevationFormation at Total DepthPurpose af Well
ClayCookeville15-SEP-20210013135027-20671John Henry Oil CorporationLarry Savage #236.562806-85.306972988.6Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville15-SEP-20210013134027-20670John Henry Oil CorporationLarry Savage #136.560306-85.307083946Knox GroupOil
PickettCookeville02-SEP-20210013133137-21259Garner, CaryCary Garner #CG 136.617194-85.112194878.2Knox GroupOil And Gas
OvertonCookeville30-AUG-20210013132133-22899Hornet CorporationRichard Melton Unit #136.432694-85.3241358.3Knox GroupOil And Gas
OvertonCookeville26-AUG-20210013131133-22898Skinner, TomJerry Hall #136.471333-85.3218611072.6Knox GroupOil And Gas
OvertonCookeville04-AUG-20210013130133-22897John Henry Oil CorporationD Bowmer etux Wilma (Douglas Bowmer #136.42-85.196639857.6Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville02-AUG-20210013129027-20669John Henry Oil CorporationForrest Dale Keisling (Iron Creek) #3B36.535-85.3305925.7Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville29-JUL-20210013128027-20668John Henry Oil CorporationForrest Dale Keisling (Iron Creek) #1036.542917-85.331472680.4Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville29-JUL-20210013127027-20129-R1John Henry Oil CorporationW C Vaughn (Dubh Vaughn) #836.537083-85.339944933.65Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville19-JUL-20210013126027-20667John Henry Oil CorporationW C Vaughn (Dubh Vaughn) #736.540111-85.340778967.3Knox GroupOil
OvertonCookeville14-JUL-20210013125133-22896Hornet CorporationMichael Ray etal #136.454083-85.3178611167.2Knox GroupOil And Gas
OvertonCookeville12-JUL-20210013123133-22895Arnco Oil Company, Inc.John Ramsey #JB2A36.479639-85.3127781013.7Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville12-JUL-20210013124027-20666John Henry Oil CorporationM & L Ledbetter #136.533417-85.340889933.37Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville06-JUL-20210013121027-20664John Henry Oil CorporationDarrell Beason #336.54575-85.286917940.2Knox GroupOil
ClayCookeville06-JUL-20210013122027-20665John Henry Oil CorporationRichard Daniel #336.535222-85.316306933.69Knox GroupOil
  • 1 - 15 of 16,337